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Syarat perjanjian permainan

The end user agreement ("Agreement") describes the term and conditions on which iG-Interative Sdn Bhd. (the "company") offers you access as an end user on Jin Online and the services ("Jin" or the "Game", include the website,we will use "product" in the rest of the document).

By clicking on the "I Agree" button, you accept and acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms and conditions of this agreement.

The purpose of this agreement is to inform you about the purchase, use, the establishment account, apply or the services provided or other possibility may affect you, the company or other players.

The company may amend, update, modify or correct this Agreement, or modify the rules of Conduct at any time without any obligation to inform the users of the amendment or changes by posting the amended agreement or modification of the Rules of Conduct at the company official site. 

Terms of Agreement

1. Rights of Intellectual Property
The company provides the product and the service are supplied for individual and the non-business objective use. Any information, technical (include the software) copyright, patent, trademark, business secret, and other intellectual property rights, which related the service and product, are belonging to the company or  the authority person. Unless you get the legitimate authorization from the right person, else you are not allowed to amend, copy, spread, demo, delivery, execute, duplicate, transfer or sale the product. If you breach this agreement , the company will terminate the all the service and product which provided to you. And you must destroy the above information, the material, software or the product which any you obtain.

2. User Obligation
You guaranteed to us that, you will not use the company products and services in the purpose of the way forbid the law and the agreements. You will not do any thing that harm , attack our server or try to abuse ours products, or disturb others users who use ours products correctly. You will not use the information or materials other methods than the company provided.

3. Fee Policy
The company has the authority to decide the product and service fees standard and charge way. We may formulate different fees standard and different charges way based on different product and service. Moreover, we may modify the fee policy at any time. We will post the related information and the standard fee, the way of charging, purchasing method on the official website.
You must follow our fee policy to purchase ours product and service. If you bleach this agreement, the company may terminate the product that we provided to you immediately.  
In order to protect your  legitimate rights and the completion use of the product and service, we suggest that you purchase from the branches we stated.

4. Application of an account
Upon the importance of the services provided to you, you agree: 
    i. to provide true and accurate personal details;
    ii. you will update your latest registration data oftenly to keep it true, accurate, current and complete.
    iii. All your registration data is used for distinguish you and other users' account.
The company will not responsible about the misleading which cause by your any information that is untrue, unrelavant, inaccurate. 5. Modification of your Registration Information
You can modify, amend your personal data after the registration through the service we provide on our official website.

6. Disclosure of Individual Information
Upon provide you the products ad services, you agree to give the authority to us to disclosure your information base on our judgment. But we will not disclosure your name, address, email, account name, password and your other information, except: 
    i. You allow us to disclosure your personal details;
    ii. Under relevant laws and regulations or the administrative rules that request us to disclose your individual details;
    iii. Law enforcement agencies or the administrative organisation requests us based on the legal procedure to disclose your individual details. 
    iv. To protect ours intellectual property and other property rights, we need to disclosure your personal details. 
    v. For protects other users and the social populace's personal safety in the emergency case, we need to disclosure your personal details. 
We will protect your personal information in the business logic method. We will use security and other technology to ensure your information are not been disclosure. We will not responsible upon the disclosure of your personal details except is ours neglaction.

7. Password Protection
You are responsible for maintaining your account setting and all the information you provided while registration. To avoid your password from disclosure or use by any person without your acknowledgement, here is some technique to protect your password:
    i.   don't set easy recognize account and password, it is suggested that used the password between the 8-15 digits.
    ii.  avoid using duplicate character or number to set your password.
    iii. don't disclosure your password and your personal information to 3rd party. Ours staffs (include our game master) will not ask your account name and password through internet.
    iv. Don't share same account with others.
    v. When using public pc, make sure you log out properly before leave the pc to avoid other users copy and make use of your account. 
    vi. Don't install pirate or illegal software. 
You will need to take your own responsibility if you have disclosured your password yourself.

8. Your Rights  
    i. You may use the products according to the provision as well as the services which the company may update or renew it oftenly.
    ii. While the company provides you the service, you have the right to supervise us and ours staff whether we have provided the services which we announce on time. You are allow to propose any suggestion which related to ours service and product. 
    iii. If you disagree this agreement or disagree the agreement which the company has amended, or dislike the service we provided, you can choose to terminate our service. Upon the termination, the company will not have any responsibility or obligation toward you.

9. Your Obligations 
    i. You agree to use ours product and service accordingly amend, update, modify or correct of the agreement at anytime. You cannot use ours products or services or participate ours activities via illegal or improper way.  
    ii. You are not allowed to disturb ours products and service operation. Include: Attack, hacking into our web server or make the server overflow; modified ours client port;  attack or hack ours game servers or make it overflow;  copy, duplicate or spread any materials that obstruct the fairness or the game; take advantage of the bugs of the game to disturb the game operation; disturb other people who are using ours products and services.
    iii. You must maintain and keep your account name and password. And you are responsible for any harm resulting from your disclosure or allowing the disclosure of your password or from use by any person of your password to gain access to your Account and Account ID.
    iv. You only can use the products and service by an independent individual status. You are not allow to make use of ours products and services to do you own business or activities purpose. 
    v. You have the responsible upon all the activities and info about your personal account. You must obey the announcements , laws and cyber laws. You need to bare the responsibility upon the content that you have announced. Especially, you cannot make announcement which contents :
    (1)Opposed the constitution determined basic principle;
    (2)Harm national security, revelation country secret, destruction country unification;
    (3)Harm country honuor and benefit;
    (4)Instigation nationality hatred, discrimination, destruction national unity;
    (5)Destroy country religion policy, promote cult and superstition;
    (6)Spread rumor, harassment, destroy social stability;
    (7)Spread obscene, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or instigate the crime;
    (8)insult or the slander other people,violate the other people legitimate rights and interests;
    (9)consists  legal, the administrative rules and regulations prohibition contents;
Your account character name cannot consist of the Agreement no.9 , rule no.5 of the agreement.

10. Termination of Service
Under below conditions, you agree to let us terminate the service, and your account:
    i.  breach the agreement;
    ii. provide untrue information while register;
    iii. use ours products and service or participate ours activities via illegal, unfair or not proper method.
    iv. behaviours that harmful to ours property.
    v.  behaviours that harmful to other users.
    vi. behaviours that violate to China's law and regulation.
    vii. behaviours that violate the social custom, society moral or the cyber moral.
    viii. If you game character level have not reached level 10 and you have not logined in to our website or game in 3 months continuously, and never top-up or purchase any product or services. 
    ix. Other behaviours that disrupt ours provide the products and services; 
We will terminate your account due to the conditions stated, and will not responsible upon you.

11.  Interruption, terminate service or transfer personal information 
Due to provide products and services, we may need to turn off the relevant server, or terminate it to undergoing repair at anytime. Some maintenance or repair job may cause the server interruption. So some termination may not be announced. We will not responsible upon such interruption.

You already understand and agree our agreements. We will not responsible about those email system , software or others error or breakdown, which cause temporary malfunction, and cause our service and product terminate; we also don't reponsible about those malfunction or terminate cause by being hacked and modified or deleted data. We will try our best to provide you the product and service but there is also a possibility we may terminate the service or product forever. If we want to stop or terminate the service or product, we will make the announcement, and find a suitable provider to substitute ours company and continue the product and service. Under such condition, we may disclosure your personal data (include your account name and password) to the next provider.At the same time, we will not reponsible anything after we had transfer the service to others.But, there is no guarantee that we can find a suitable provider and continue the products and services or the provider that can fulfill your requirement.  

12. Limited guarantee and responsibility 
We make some limited guarantee towards the product and service. Such guarantee is limited to the file, patches or any document or information thats stated "guarantee"  obviously.(If there is a guarantee)
We will make the guarantee upon the product, software or relevant server in term of "Current condition and consist of all mistake"   
    (1) The product and service is in accordance with the basic requirements that we announce officially;
    (2) The product and service basically tally with the requirement we had announced officially.
    (3) We will only solve the problem we face while providing the product and service in in the reasonable trade scope.
In the most wide range of the law, obviously stated that we don't provide other guarantee types,  no matter is the clear instructions or silently shows, Including but is not restricted in suitable for sale, the serviceability, the reliability, the accuracy, the integrity, does not have the virus as well as is not wrong any silently shows the guarantee and the responsibility.
Moreover, in the most wide range of the laws, we don't guarantee the prodcut and the service we provide must fulfill your requirements, and also no guarantee on the product and service will not be interrupted or terminated. We also no guarantee on the product and service timeliness, security, mistake occurrence, accuracy of the announcement and information. 
In the most wide range of the law, we will not responsible upon the impact that the product and service bring to you, anything related with the accident, directly, indirectly, special case, or any harmful or request (Include personal injure, privacy divulges, due to unable to fulfill including the good faith or reasonable responsiblity, or error that  may cause of lose of money or other compensate). 

13. 3rd party connection
While you are using ours products , you may link to 3rd party url. 3rd party website is not under ours company control. So we will not responsible toward 3rd party website content, 3rd party link or 3rd party updated information. The purpose you may link to 3rd party website is we want to provide you the convenience. And you also need to obey the rule which set on the 3rd party website.

14.  Legal Conflict
If any provision that conflict with the law, will take law as standard. At the same time, we will explained or amend the related agreement. And the other part of this provision still maintain the protection towards you.

15. All Agreements
The agreements (include those agreements that we ament or modified or added) between you and the company about those purchasing and the services and products established, substitute oral or in the written way. If ours service policy and planned terms conflicts with the agreements, thus will take the agreements as the standard.

16. Right of Interpretation 
    The company reserve the final interpretation rights of the Agreement, products and services and the official website.

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